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    July 05, 2019

    Bale Handlers Softhands Hustler

    Why does this dairy farmer love his softhands and other Hustler machines?

    Dairy farmer, Mark Benns, owns three hustler products on his farm in Waikato New Zealand. He is milking over 230 Jersey cows, on 65 hectares. Mark Benns raves about his Hustler Soft Hands®.Mark moves an excess of over 300 bales every year on and in the paddock, including loading & unloading of  tip trailers. They needed a set of quality hands that would be up for the job.

    "This is our second season with them & they have been a really valuable piece of kit for us."


    Our Hustler Soft hands® are built specifically for round bales. Operators rave about how nice these bale grabs are to use. The Soft hands® have an optional patented floating Equaliser® system and carry Hustler's 4-year warranty for added peace of mind. Trusting our brand would be the right fit, it paid off for Mark.

    "We never had any experience with Hustler Softhands before, but having had experience with other Hustler products, we decided that Hustler Soft Hands® were going to be the best for our operation."


    Benefits Mark Experienced:

    1. Mark loves the fact that with Hustler Soft Hands®, you get excellent Visibility.
    2. You can see the bale quite clearly, and that to Mark means less ripped bales and faster loading and unloading of the bales.
    3. Mark loves the Equaliser bar on the Soft Hands®


    Our Hustler Soft hands® have optional mounts to suit your needs:

    (See our new website to customise your Soft hands®-

    1. Plain - No loader mounts
    2. Euro Hitch Mounts
    3. Skid Steer Mounts
    4. MX Loader MOunts
    5. P20 Hitch Loader Mounts

    Soft hands® with optional floating Equaliser® means when Mark is operating the Hands at the same rate, making it easy to stack the bales.


    "I'm always working on a 45-degree angle and having the bale hands open and close at the same time, keeps it simple. Hustler Soft hands® are incredibly reliable, and I expect them to be reliable because they are Hustler made"


    The experience mark has had with his other machines have been no different - Reliable, Simple and Strong Built.

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