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Feeding in Winter Crops Made Easy with High Ground Clearance

July 16, 2018
Paul Cathcart manages a 2,000-acre dairy farm in Hedehope, Southland, milking 1,200 cows. We met up with Paul to find out why he chose Hustler's SF1750 silage wagon...
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Hustler Feed out wagon is 100% more efficient than TMR mixer wagon used prior

June 20, 2018
Managing the 6,000 acre Chatsworth House Farm in Victoria Australia, raising prime lamb, a cropping program and a maternal stud, Trent Adams is a busy man. Read on to find out why he traded a TMR...
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Can You Afford Down Time During Your Peak Season?

March 27, 2018
What would happen if one of your staff members fell off a wagon during your busy calving season? 
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Timber vs Steel. Which Silage Wagon Floor Should You Choose?

March 15, 2018
A common question that gets asked when looking to purchase a new Silage Wagon is which floor is best suited to your feeding needs...
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Joyclas Farms Switched to a Hustler SF1250 Silage Wagon

March 02, 2018
Find out why Shawn Boyer from Joyclas Farms switched to the Hustler Silage Wagon, for feeding his 300 dairy cows grass and maize silage.
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Farmers are Switching TMR Mixer Wagons for Hustler Comby Feeders

January 30, 2018
Having discovered a trend of farmers all over the globe switching from TMR Mixer Wagons to Comby feeders, we decided to visit a large-scale dairy farm in the Taranaki region to hone in on why they...
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Demand has kicked off 2018 feed out wagon production early

December 01, 2017
Our unique Comby feeders, which unlike other feed out wagons, can literally feed anything, are in such high demand that we've already begun production for next season with production slots filling...
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Irongate Wagyu Chose Super Comby EX to Maximise Feed out Versatility

November 22, 2017
Irongate Wagyu, located near Albany, Western Australia, produce the finest Wagyu beef. We caught up with 30 year beef cattle veteran Mark James who manages the herd, to see why he chose Hustler's...
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Layering Bales in Comby Feeder Saves Extra Trips to the Field

September 11, 2017
Are you feeding both balage and straw to the same herd on break fed crops?  Find out how this Canterbury farm saved extra trips to the field...
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Which Live Floor Should You Choose for Your Silage Wagon?

September 01, 2017
When choosing a silage wagon or combi feeder, one of the decisions you'll make is which type of rear floor is best suited to your farming application and feeds. One of the first questions that...
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Mega Comby Feeder Set to Feed out 1 Million KG of feed this Season

August 18, 2017
Hororata based dairy farmer Tim Mathewson who is feeding his cattle with beet, potatoes, carrots, pit silage and bales, recently upgraded to a Mega Comby X to cut the time it takes to feed out...  
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Why did this 2,300 Cow dairy farm choose a centre feed Silage Wagon?

August 11, 2017
Neil Molina from Geraldine, New Zealand needed to save time on his busy dairy farming operation, with feeding cattle consuming a fair bit of his day, take a look at what he discovered... 
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Lone Star Farms Loving their SF1250 Silage Wagon

July 27, 2017
Lone Star Farms is a sheep and beef cattle farming enterprise consisting of six properties. We visited one of their properties in the Hakataramea Valley to see how their Robertson SF1250 Silage...
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Super Comby Replaces Conventional Silage Wagon

June 23, 2017
Matamata based dairy farmer David Slater, fed up with trying to feed bales in his 9m3 conventional silage wagon, decided to take a demo with Hustler's new Super Comby to see if it stacked up as...
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Super Comby Solves Machinery Headache for Fish Creek Farmer

May 31, 2017
We meet up with Graeme Nicoll, a dairy farmer from Fish Creek in Australia, to discover why he updated to the latest Super Comby after a successful 10 year run out of his old one... 
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Simple & Tough Silage Wagons Proving Popular

May 22, 2017
Hustler's new Forage Wagon Range, just released this year is proving popular across New Zealand and offers unique features not found on any other Silage Wagon. Take a look at some recent...
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20 Years of Hassle-free Feeding Demands Another Comby Feeder

April 28, 2017
After a flawless run of 20 years with their first Super Comby, this Takaka based farm purchased his third Comby feeder wagon, this time a Super Comby EX, custom painted in the original red to...
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Watch the New Swift Hitch in Action

January 18, 2017
You know how rewarding time savings are, and our new SwiftHitch is a ripper at delivering you exactly that!  Take a look at this video to see why you need SwiftHitch on your farm...
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Hustler's New 2017 Silage Wagon Range Hits the Market

January 16, 2017
Based on the proven Robertson design, Hustler's new 2017 Forage Wagon Range offers 2 unique features not found on any other Silage Wagon, that provide numerous benefits to farmers feeding silage,...
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Watch Hustler's Grain Feeding Attachment in Action

December 09, 2016
Unique to Hustler is a Grain Feeding System that is designed for Comby Feeder Wagons, but can be fitted to Silage Wagons of any colour and adds whole new level of versatility to the Feedout wagon,...
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Beef Farmer Feeds 1000 Tonnes of Silage & 400 Bales each year with a Super Comby Feedout Wagon

December 03, 2016
Sherenden Station, a Hawkes Bay based beef farm, traded their Silage wagon which was proving a bit unreliable, for a Super Comby feeder wagon some 3 years ago.  We caught up with Michael Groome to...
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