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Check this out! New Master Dealer in the UK

November 30, 2017
Announcing our latest Hustler accredited dealer, Kirkland UK is one of the most trusted dealers in the Kent county!
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Breaking New Territory - Hustler Expands into South Africa & Latvia

July 19, 2017
Hustler is pleased to announce a new Accredited Dealer in South Africa and Latvia for sales, product support and distribution of Hustler farm machinery...
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Hustler's new Dump Trailers built for Tough conditions

June 15, 2017
With many European trailers built for lighter conditions finding their way onto the market today, we're seeing a rise in demand for tip trailers that are designed and built for the conditions...
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More hustler dealer's in the UK Boost in market support

June 07, 2017
We've been breaking new ground in the UK, with 4 new dealership chains have recently come on-board the journey to more productive cattle feeding systems, with even better localised market support!...
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Ciao to our new dealer in Italy!

May 20, 2017
Ciao to Casella Macchine Agricol Srl, the newest addition to Hustler accredited dealers...
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Welcoming more additions to the Hustler family in the UK!

May 19, 2017
Welcome on-board our new UK Dealers, to the global movement to more efficient cattle feeding systems. 
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Welcoming our new dealer in the UK, RVW Pugh

May 03, 2017
Welcome on-board, our UK Dealer RVW Pugh, to the global movement to more efficient cattle feeding systems. 
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Norwegian Dealer Launches Hustler Bale Feeders at Demo Day

April 06, 2017
Breaking new territory, Hustler is pleased to appoint Bergan Maskinsalg AS, as an accredited dealer based in Norway and launched the range at a recent demonstration day. Read on to see all the...
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Skid Loader Mounted SL360X Saves Bales for Stockmens Livestock Exchange

April 05, 2017
Before Dickson, ND based Stockmens Livestock Exchange found the SL360X, they'd previously dump a whole bale into the hay rings causing a lot of wastage. Now with the SL360X attached to their Skid...
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New SL360X Makes Feeding Bales a Pleasure for Farmers Wife

March 31, 2017
Having recently replaced an alternative feeder with the new SL360X mounted to a Schaeff loader has made it possible for this farmer's wife to feed the cows, it's that easy!
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German Farmer chooses SL450X for Feeding and Bedding his 900 Sheep

March 24, 2017
Based in Southern Germany, farming 900 sheep which are housed indoors during winter and outdoors during summer, this farmer needed a machine for bedding straw and feeding silage with his smallest...
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SL450X Provides Extra Bale Feeding Flexibility

February 27, 2017
Watch this recent demonstration of Hustler's SL450X with Pukekohe based dealer Roger Gill, showing its versatility in varying feeding conditions... 
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Watch the SL360X in Switzerland Feeding Grain and Baled Silage

January 24, 2017
This farmer in Switzerland recently purchased one of Hustler's new SL360X bale feeders and added an extra fence to his order so he could feed grain and silage bales. Watch the video to see...
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SL360X Saves this Farmer 3.5 Bales Each Week. Watch to see how.

January 16, 2017
Lynn White from Louisiana fell in love with the SL360X concept, so took advantage of our 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee and purchased a SL360X for his front loader, and within a few days of putting...
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Farwest Equipment Secures the Hustler Bale Processor Dealership

December 20, 2016
Welcome on-board, Farwest Equipment of Killdeer, North Dakota, to the global movement to more efficient cattle feeding systems. Put your coat on and take a look at these recent videos...
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The last of the runout SL350 Bale unrollers are flying out the door for Johnstons in Ireland

December 06, 2016
Johnston Farm Equipment, an accredited Hustler dealer located in Southern Ireland can't keep up with the demand for Hustler's popular SL350 runout deal prior to the launch of the new SL360X... 
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Irish dealer loving new SL360X

November 22, 2016
Northern Ireland dealer Henry Porter Tractors is rapt with Hustler's innovative new SL360X bale feeder as tested by Landwirt, and is already proving the benefits of the new design
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Claas Harvest Centre secures Hustler's Feedout Wagon Range for the Bay of Plenty

November 19, 2016
We're pleased to welcome onboard to represent Hustler's new Feedout wagon range for the Bay of Plenty Claas Harvest Centre, Rotorua. Drop by to take a look at their new Demonstrator Combination...
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More bang for your buck Part 4: Save Time

November 16, 2016
Hustler eliminates the need for a separate trip to the field and additional equipment for your farm operation. This saves you time, equipment and fuel. 
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Feedout Wagons on Display at the Christchurch Show

November 09, 2016
Joining with Cochranes to show off the last of the red Robertson branded feedout wagons this week at the Canterbury A&P Show
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More bang for your buck Part 3: No hidden costs

November 03, 2016
The last thing you want or should have to worry about when launching out into your own spraying, is to be left in the lurch or socked with some hidden costs! When you choose a Hustler we make it...
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