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How do Hustler Boom Sprayers Handle New Zealand's Most Rugged Terrain?

April 03, 2020
Recently our team visited North Canterbury to find out 4 years later how JCB contracting's Hustler Katipo 1150 Boom Sprayer had held up to some of North Canterbury's toughest terrain. Running a...
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Hustler Katipo boom sprayer is doing a great job on a New Zealand farm

October 11, 2019
Watch Paul Lightoller's testimonial to discover why the Hustler's Katipo 1150 mounted boom sprayer is doing a great job on his farm!
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Why does Mark Benns think Hustler Katipo sprayers are built exceptionally well?

August 09, 2019
Dairy farmer, Mark Benns, talks to us about how his Katipo Sprayer has changed his operation. Following Mark's first story with us on how rapt he was with his Hustler Softhands & owning three...
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The katipo 1150 with the sonicboom is the ultimate in productivity on tim merhtens farm

January 04, 2019
Why  is Tim Merhtens,  from Spring Hills Farm in  South Canterbury, New Zealand, so rapt about the benefits he has experienced on his large operation using our Hustler Katipo 1150? 
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Katipo Sprayer changes this farmers operation

December 11, 2018
Find out why Phil Herdman has invested in a Katipo sprayer than using a contractor on his farm... 
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22,000 Stock Unit Hill Country Farm Invests in Hustler Sprayer to Save his Winter Crop Yields

August 20, 2018
Spring Farms operate on 6 blocks in the Taihape region, run by brothers Mark & Richard Chrystall, with over 22,000 stock units and 350 hectares of winter crops. Mark tells us about the importance...
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Another satisfied Katipo customer at Hustler

May 19, 2018
Looking for something to last and out perform all other boom sprayers on the market? Hustler has the answer...
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3 Reasons why Farmers Prefer Hustlers Hose Reel Design

March 28, 2018
Now's the perfect time to be knocking off the ugly weeds before the southern hemisphere winter sets in, and you pack away your sprayer until spring. Explore why farmers much prefer Hustler's...
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"We Found it an Awesome Machine!"

March 09, 2018
Why are so many farmers switching to Hustler for their boom sprayers? Take a look at what John Drent has to say about his Katipo 1150 sprayer...  
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Agitation is like a jetboat inside the Hustler Sprayer Tank!

December 11, 2017
LeaderBrand, a large produce grower located in Gisborne, invested in Hustler's sprayer a few years ago for the smaller jobs. We met up with Jordon Watts to find out how it has performed covering...
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New Dual Applicator Concept for Large Capacity Boom Sprayers

September 21, 2017
When time is limited, getting the job done quicker provides invaluable benefit for farmers and contractors in today's busy farming environment. That's why we've built this custom dual application...
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Take control of your cropping programs like these farmers

August 24, 2017
As spring rolls around in the Southern Hemisphere, one of the most important jobs in kicking your cropping program off to the best start is to take control of the spraying program... here are a...
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First Year Share Milker Loads 5 Square Bales on Hustler Bale Feeder

July 07, 2017
First year out share milking near Woodville, Nick Bertram was advised by friends to invest in good gear up front, to save on running costs. Read on to see what Nick purchased and how he saves...
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The Latest Mailer - NZ July 2017

July 03, 2017
Check out Hustler's new mailer packed with all the latest promotions!  
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One Man Operation Runs Hustler Bale feeder for 20,000 Bales

June 28, 2017
Steve Synclair, a dairy farmer feeding 400 cattle, runs a one man operation in Stony Creek, South Gippsland. Watch this video to see how he does it, and why he didn't hesitate to upgrade to the ...
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Rai Valley Farmer modifies Hustler sprayer for fertiliser application

June 23, 2017
Take a look at the modification this Rai Valley farmer made to his Katipo sprayer for broadcast fertiliser application as low as 60L/Ha, by adding secondary boomless applicator...
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Here's Your Chance to WIN some Hustler Gear!

June 12, 2017
We are keen to reward farmers who are prepared to invest in the market-leading Hustler gear, so for June, July and August 2017 we're running the easiest draw of all time!! Read on...
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How to Protect Your Sprayer for Winter Storage

May 26, 2017
The polar blasts of Winter have already made their presence known, the final sprays of the season are being applied and soon it will be time to settle in for a cold winter. Here are some tips to...
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Now you can cut your Fertiliser costs by at least 30%!

May 01, 2017
Have you been scared off from taking advantage of the substantial cost savings achieved by applying liquid fertiliser, because of the large capital investment in equipment?
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18,000 Acre Beaumont Station Chose a Katipo 1150

April 07, 2017
Beaumont Station located in Southland, New Zealand is approximately 18,000 acres of predominately rolling to steep hill country, with some cultivated pasture. When they needed a new sprayer they...
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Katipo Sprayer Customised to Take Extra Care of Strawberry Crop

March 01, 2017
No matter what crops you grow, be it pasture or high value crops such as the strawberries the Punnet Cafe in Hamilton grows, the more accurate your crop care program is the better the crop...
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