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Out There in Czech Republic, Hustler Bale Feeder Processes 6,000 Bales Each Year

April 19, 2018
Farming 550 head of cattle in the Czech Republic, Martin Vleck turned to Hustler to simplify his feeding program and cut down the time his feeding regime took each day. He continued to discovered...
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Simplicity and manoeuvrability is key for South Australian farmer

April 16, 2018
Ease of maintenance and the flexibility to handle all bale shapes and sizes were the top considerations for South Australian dairy farmer Jeff Green in purchasing the Hustler Chainless X5000. A...
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Another World First from Hustler

April 09, 2018
Yep, that's right the World leader in livestock feeding solutions, has innovated again, with the release of our new Touch X control system which utilities 3D printed components, at a...
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New Bale Feeder Takes a Lot of the Workload Out of Feeding Cattle

April 05, 2018
David George from County Armagh, in Northern Ireland, runs a calf to beef system, supplying beef factories year long with cattle which consume around 200 round bales of silage each year. Read on...
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Hustler has arrived in Finland... with a New Chainless Bale Feeder

April 02, 2018
We're excited to announce the appointment of our most Northern Dealer in the world!  Lakkapää is now an accredited dealer in North Finland...
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What is the Ultimate Feed Windrow Size?

March 27, 2018
Well, there, is not a one size fits all answer… various factors you may have will determine what thickness you feed and how much waste you want. We look at different variants, that will help you...
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Can Your Bale Feeder, Feed a Windrow this Thin?

March 23, 2018
John Colvill from a South Canterbury farm buys a all new Chainless X2000, watch him feed out in thin windrows to his livestock saving bales! 
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A successful Organic dairy changes the way they feed

March 16, 2018
With agriculture being the foundation of New Zealand's economy and dairy being our strongest pillar. As the world’s largest exporter of dairy products, we rely on farmers, technology and expert...
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How to Safely Feed Square Silage Bales to Cattle

March 09, 2018
Established in 1876, and working 86,000 acres, Mulvey Gulch Ranch in Bolder, Montana were looking for a safer system for feeding square bales without processing the hay too much. Find out what...
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Time is Precious. This Irish Farmer Discovers Innovative Time Saver

March 02, 2018
You cannot buy time. But it can be saved. Feeding bales in Ireland come's with its own unique set of challenges. We meet Michael Lough to find out about his farm, and how he's making better use of...
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Aggressive Bale Feeder Tears Apart Bales with Net-wrap Still On

March 02, 2018
Whilst it's not good practice to feed bales without removing the netwrap first. In some areas, it gets so cold that the last thing you want to do is get out of the cab to remove the wrapping. We...
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No More Beautiful Hay Wasted, Sarah chose a Hustler Bale Feeder

February 20, 2018
3 seasons ago, Sarah Salsbury from Whitetail Montana purchased her first Hustler Chainless X5000 round and square bale feeder. She wasn't impressed with the way her dads' bale processor chopped...
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This 4,000 Cow Dairy Farm Switched to Bales to Reduce Costly Feed Waste

February 14, 2018
Tired of the sheer amount of waste when feeding chopped pit silage in the pasture. This well known Waikato based dairy farm, feeding 4,000 cows, converted from loose silage to balage to boost...
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Farmer Replaces TMR Mixer Wagon with Hustler Round Bale Feeder

February 13, 2018
Hustler's mission is to understand our customer better than anyone else. This brings to the table some very interesting conversations, of which we like to share. Here are some insights from a...
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New Chainless X2000 Bale Feeders Drought Proof Dairy Farmer

February 08, 2018
Waikato dairy farmer is rapt to be one of the first to take delivery of the all-new Chainless X2000 ahead of the on-coming season to feed out round or square bales in his herd shelter...
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Hustler Feeder Meets the Rigorous Demands of Feeding Frozen Bales to Reindeer in the Arctic Circle

February 02, 2018
Last month we headed up to Lapland, within the Arctic Circle to put the all-new Chainless X2400 to the ultimate test - keeping Santa happy - by feeding frozen balage bales to Reindeer! We're...
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Watch this Amazing NEW Bale Feeder just Released by Hustler

January 08, 2018
With over 17 years of Hustler DNA injected into our cutting edge new family of Chainless X Series bale feeders you'll be amazed at how much time this new feeder will save you!
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Chainless 2000 Bale Feeder Ideal for Extreme Climate on Northern Scotland Isles

December 08, 2017
Richard Shearer is a beef cattle farmer on the Orkney Isle, near Kirkland in the far North of Scotland. Located at 59 degrees North the climate has vicious extremes, both cold and windy, a reason...
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17 Years of Hustler DNA Inbred Into Two New Chainless Bale Feeders Just Released

December 04, 2017
When it comes to breeding cattle, retaining genetics is all important. The latest release of two new Chainless bale feeders is no exception. We've injected over 17 years of solid customer feedback...
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Bunk Feeding Simplified with Chainless X2500 Bale Feeder

October 31, 2017
Sheep and beef farming near Balclutha, Malcolm upgraded his trusty old Chainless 2000 to the all new Chainless X2500 round and square bale feeder for a number of reasons... 
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Time Savings Justify Purchasing Second Hustler Bale Feeder

October 16, 2017
Monsieur Jourel from France is just one of the many farmers around the globe, who after proving the benefits with their first Hustler, came back for a second... 
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