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Condor sprayer cuts spraying time in half

August 14, 2012
Richard Gifford runs a mixed farming operation of around 170 acres in sunny Marlborough. Cropping of processed peas, corn, and some general pasture, also 12 acres of onion seed, help make up the mix....
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CH2000 helped farmer dramatically

June 22, 2012
North Otago farmer, Julian Price, runs an intensive 68ha Sheep & Beef breeding and finishing farm at Kauru Hill. His wife Sharyn lends a hand as required and certainly is an essential part in the...
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Upgrading to a CH4000

June 18, 2012
10 years ago, Waimate Angus Stud breeder Mr Alexander was recommended to look at the Hustler Chainless 4000 Balefeeder – he is glad he did. Running 700 cattle on 380ha in Waimate can bring its...
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CH4000, Farm Manager's Chosen Balefeeder.

June 06, 2012
At 700ha, Hangawera Station is the largest dry stock station in the Waikato.
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Chainless replaces older chain feeder

June 06, 2012
His old chain feeder with a traditional loading method had well and truly seen better days so Ashley had a good look around and also tried a competing machine and although he had never seen the...
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Feeding out every day for 13 years

June 01, 2012
At Satsuma Foods, every day of the year 4-6 round or square bales are fed out to some 900 cattle housed indoors in specially built sheds with one of the original Chainless 2000 bale feeders. 13...
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What a Genius!

May 05, 2012
Sick of waiting for the Spraying Contractor? Trevor Johnson in Timaru has the answer!
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Built to last

April 10, 2012
Every day of the year at Satsuma Foods in Hawke's Bay, 4-6 round or square bales are fed out to some 900 cattle housed indoors in specially built sheds with one of the original Chainless 2000 bale...
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How to speed up a Cruizer

April 01, 2012
Power-down procedure and OS update: In order to help maintain job and report data, as well as to assist with proper maintenance of the operating system it is recommended to shut-down the Cruizer II...
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Chainless 4000 tested by Farm Trader

October 02, 2011
First launched in 1999, the Hustler Chainless 4000 Balefeeder, which I saw working on the Tainui Group Holdings Ltd dry stock farm at Tauhei, is the series four version.
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Mega Soft Hands Last Longer

September 13, 2011
Agricultural Contracting Otago Ltd
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SL-700X ticks all the boxes!

August 05, 2011
After 3 months researching what balefeeder would suit him best, Sam Leyser of Cromwell purchased an SL700X “because it ticked all the boxes!” Some of the key advantages Sam points out is “the...
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Extensive research proves Hustler the best

July 15, 2011
Roadley Farms in Ashburton, Mid Canterbury owned by Greg Roadley recently purchased 3 Hustler CH4000 Balefeeders.
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SL700X - Farmer very impressed

July 01, 2011
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Condor Makes Liquid Fertilizer Application A Breeze

June 16, 2011
Situated near Tutira in the Hawkes Bay, Shaun Ross farms a total of 170Ha of rolling country, running 370 dairy cows. Each year up to 20% of his property is put into winter feed such as kale and...
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