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How do Hustler Boom Sprayers Handle New Zealand's Most Rugged Terrain?

April 03, 2020
Recently our team visited North Canterbury to find out 4 years later how JCB contracting's Hustler Katipo 1150 Boom Sprayer had held up to some of North Canterbury's toughest terrain. Running a...
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Free Range German Dairy Farm Optimizes Nutrition with the Help of Hustler Bale Unroller

March 28, 2020
We're in Strackholt, Germany visiting a small family run farming business and learn how the nutrition of a 35 cow dairy herd is optimized with the help of a Hustler SL360X (Unrolla LX105).  
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How did this farmer eliminate tractors from his indoor feedlot?

March 20, 2020
David Barban farms sheep in the French Alps. During winter, his ewes are housed indoor and David invested in a Hustler stationary Chainless bale feeder SX105 to unwind his bales into feed...
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Working Smarter, Not Harder is this Ranchers Goal

March 13, 2020
Adam Grabenstein, a 5th generation Rancher and Ag Producer from Eustis, South Western Nebraska had to make some important decisions about the way he was operating his business.    We visited Adam...
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Convert Large Round Bales with Hustler Chainless balefeeders

March 06, 2020
Hustler’s Chainless SX105 bale feeder is the most simple and cost effective solution to break down large round bales ready for re-baling into small square bales. Let us show you how!
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Two French brothers love their Hustler Chainless bale feeder and here is why!

February 18, 2020
Bruno and Daniel Batard are two brothers who run a dairy and beef farm in France, feeding out more than a thousand bales a year. Used to feeding out their livestock by hand, they have now owned a ...
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Feeding 50 Ton of Fine Chopped Silage per Day with a Hustler Combi Wagon

February 05, 2020
Running a total of 32,000 sheep, Oxton Park in New South Wales, a sheep and grain property is supplementary feeding 50 ton of fine chopped silage each day with a round trip of 7kms per load. We...
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New Product Naming Convention Announced by Hustler Equipment

January 29, 2020
Have you noticed Hustler have transitioned to a new name and number convention for their award winning range of bale feeders, feed out wagons and bale handlers (Softhands®)? Let us explain how it...
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Engineer, Dairy Farmer & Transport Operator Voices Opinion on Hustler Softhands

January 10, 2020
We visit Shane Dunlea, a very busy man with many strings to his bow, who was keen to tell us what he thinks about Hustler Softhands® bale handlers...
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Hustler Equipment Launches New Even Feed Roller Attachment for Feeding High-Density Square Bales

December 24, 2019
True to their motto "Rethinking the Everyday" and in their pursuit of maintaining their edge of being the most versatile feeders on the market, Hustler has introduced its latest innovation in...
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Dairy Goat Farmer Saves 1 Hour Every Day with Hustler Bale Feeder

December 06, 2019
Young French dairy goat farmer Paul Besnier bought his first Hustler SL300X (LM105) bale feeder in May this year. This model has been an absolute winner for Paul and now it saves him about an hour...
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Livestock Station Achieves More with Hustler for the Last 30 Years

November 27, 2019
We visit Paul Robottom at Pendlehill Station, in Central Hawkes Bay, who has been using Hustler Equipment for the past 30 years...  
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30% of Every Bale was being Wasted until this Beef Farmer Invested in a Hustler Bale Feeder

October 16, 2019
Peter Russell farms at Lyndhurst on the Central Tablelands of New South Wales, Australia. He operates a mixed cropping and grazing property on 350 hectares and runs about 120 Angus breeders in a...
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Hustler Katipo boom sprayer is doing a great job on a New Zealand farm

October 11, 2019
Watch Paul Lightoller's testimonial to discover why the Hustler's Katipo 1150 mounted boom sprayer is doing a great job on his farm!
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18-year old Hustler chainless bale feeder is still going strong on New Zealand farm!

September 27, 2019
We've recently heard some news about one of our first chainless bale feeders. After 18 years, a CH2000 is still going strong on Bill and Sue Gerland's farm in New Zealand. Check out what Bill has...
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"This Hustler machine is one of the best cattle feeding equipment that I've owned for a long time"

September 13, 2019
Callum Kettles is the Farm Manager for Hornby Hall Farms located near Penrith, England and he has owned a Hustler feedlot bale feeder for over a year. Check out what Callum has to say about it! 
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Don't miss out - Hustler is on display in France, at one of the biggest shows of the year

August 16, 2019
Hustler is once again exhibiting at Sommet de l'Élevage in France this year with the great support of our Southern France dealer Agrivert! The Sommet de l'Élevage is Europe's #1 forum for...
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Why does Mark Benns think Hustler Katipo sprayers are built exceptionally well?

August 09, 2019
Dairy farmer, Mark Benns, talks to us about how his Katipo Sprayer has changed his operation. Following Mark's first story with us on how rapt he was with his Hustler Softhands & owning three...
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How does Hustler help a Taranaki farmer, do a better job feeding out his bales?

July 12, 2019
Based at the bottom of Mount Taranaki, Paul Lightoller farms 580 cross-breed dairy cows on 244 effective hectares with the great help of two SL360X (Unrola LX105) Hustler bale feeders. Read more...
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Why does this dairy farmer love his softhands and other Hustler machines?

July 05, 2019
Dairy farmer, Mark Benns, owns three hustler products on his farm in Waikato New Zealand. He is milking over 230 Jersey cows, on 65 hectares. Mark Benns raves about his Hustler Soft Hands®.
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3 New Hustler Bale Feeders, Following Extensive Market Research Program

May 14, 2019
Following an extensive research program of beef, sheep, dairy and combined farmers by an independent research company revealed Hustler again is the favorite brand of feeding equipment for kiwi...
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