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    October 28, 2016

    Bale Feeders Customer Opinions Case Studies

    How to boost calving and stocking rates on the same feed.

    For Scott Merieka the difference the Chainless X5000 has made to his operation in Wisconsin has been amazing!  We caught up with Scott, who was willing to share his story (on camera) about how the X5000 transformed his calving rates, herd capacity and much more...

    Scott points out quite a number of areas where the Chainless X5000 has transformed his dairy operation, his pastures, the health of his dairy herd and allowed him to increase his herd by 53% with the same feed supply and farm size!


    "Our in-calf rate is about 8-10% better

    than it was previously!"

    I'm really, really happy, I love my Hustler a lot"


    So take a look at the video to see how much of a difference it made to his dairy operation



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