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    March 31, 2017

    Bale Feeders News

    Farmer Saves 2 staff with his Hustler SL700X, 2 Bale Feeder

    Feeding 8-10 round bales of silage per day, Cristopher Ibarra choose Hustler's SL700X some 3 years ago for his feeding duties, and is rapt to discover that it has saved him 2 staff... 

    Dairy farming 360 cows, on 500 hectares, located in the Anima La Pampa region of Chile, this requires Cristopher Ibarra to feed around 2000 bales each year, no small task. Having gone from a 3 person, full-time feeding job with their old manual system, now just one person can do the feeding by themselves, part time. 

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