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Demonstration in Alabama, shows the simplicity of the Chainless feeders

June 30, 2015
Demonstrating the Chainless 2000 balefeeder on Tony Haynes farm in Alabama, USA. Tony and his neighbours were thrilled with with how simple the Chainless made feeding out their hay.
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Welcome to Snead Ag

June 30, 2015
Hustler are pleased to welcome a new North American dealer network, Snead Ag. They’ve got five branches in Alabama, and two in Georgia and they sell mainly to the sheep and beef market. They will...
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How to feed a hungry dairy herd

June 25, 2015
Following a successful demo in Bodalla, a New South Wales farmer takes delivery of the latest Chainless bale feeder from Hustler to feed out round haylage bales to his very contented dairy herd....
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Beautiful old John Deere 4020, feeds out with a Hustler SL350 in Nebraska

June 16, 2015
Here’s some very cool photos another successful demo of the Hustler SL350, feeding out 5 foot hay bales in Nebraska behind a very tidy, well kept, 1960’s John Deere 4020. The old girl is still...
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Hustler balefeeders arrive in Austria

June 15, 2015
Following a successful demonstration, Mr Nistelberger is the happy owner of the first Hustler bale feeder in Austria located in the south of Austria.
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Agriquip “You can have it any day” ride-n-drive demo days

June 13, 2015
There was great attendance at the Ride-n-Drive Demo Day held in Norwa, and Bega by Hustler dealer Agriquip based out of Bowral, NSW to showcase the all-new Chainless X5000, and the radical new...
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Hustler SL700X in Henley-on-Thames

June 05, 2015
The villages and farms around Henley-on Thames in Berkshire nestle into the Chiltern hillsides and in some areas is quite rough terrain. White Pond Farm, which has been in the Stracey family for...
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